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Channel Letters

Channel letters are one of the more popular forms of signage today.

Exterior lettering and signage provides the customer with their first impression of the company. Both types of channel letters are internally illuminated by either neon or LEDs.

Face lit channel letters have plexiglass faces with aluminum returns and backs. These face lit letters can be mounted directly to the wall or can be mounted to raceways. The determination of mounting is often specified within the sign criteria of the lease space.

Reverse channel letters have aluminum faces and returns. These letters are often backed with clear lexan. When illuminated, the letter will cast a shadow of the letter on the wall surface. Letters are fabricated with aluminum faces and returns.

Most channel letters are designed for 120 Volt circuit and require a licensed sign electrician to install in Texas. Channel letters are one of the most utilized and most effective forms of on premise signage that is available.